Starvie Raptor Evolution

€ 319,90 € 205,00

The Raptor 2021 is designed for the WPT player Franco Stupaczuk, with his logo and signature. With a round format and medium balance, it is the racket that the player uses to offer his best game on the courts. It is composed of a soft density rubber and carbon on the surfaces and the frame that provides resistance and durability to this racket. This composition gives it the perfect balance between ball output, control and power. In addition, it has the “Full Plane Effect” technology, that thanks to the surface's roughness provides greater effect to the ball, and the "Raptor Core" technology, which is a system located at the heart of the racket that provides rigidity and optimizes the weight balance.

Player Profile: Designed for players with great technique who seek a balance between ball output, control and power.

- Round shape
- Weight: 350-385 grams
- Rubber: Soft density rubber
- Frame: 100% carbon
- Surface: Carbon