Starvie Icarus

€ 138,00 € 124,90

Icarus is a new design made of carbon fibre and fibreglass. It is
perfect for players with an intermediate level who want to improve it.

• It has a round shape that places the optimum point in the middle of the padel racket.
• The soft density of the rubber helps to give a greater speed of the ball and ease in each stroke.
• It is a comfortable padel racket with a wide sweet spot placed in the centre to its round shape.

  • Shape: Round
  • EVA Rubber Soft
  • Weight 350-385gr (you can choose)
  • Core Fibreglass
  • Frame 50% carbon - 50% fibreglass
  • Profile 38mm
  • Ball output 90%
  • Control 80%
  • Power 80%